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It’s Tuesday! You know what that means, tapeheads? Well, today at least, it means New Arrivals! Check the video bellow to see a sample of today’s new arrivals:

We put out a huge collection of more than 50 VHS tapes, including perennial classics like the original Star Wars trilogy, as well as some lesser known films. And starting today, for the first time, we’re selling vintage VHS tapes on our website too.

All tapes are sold As Is, and they have not been playtested. We do a quick visual inspection for any obvious damage, and remove anything we notice from circulation before it makes it to the website.

Here are some highlights from today’s new arrivals:

But really, that’s just the tip of the iceburg. Keep in mind we do Flat Rate shipping in the US. We’ll be putting up more vintage tapes every few days, so be sure to check back often to Browse our full selection of Vintage VHS tapes:

But, tapeheads, that’s not all! We also carry a bunch of NEW VHS tapes:

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