From the scummy recesses of middle-of-nowhere Delaware, unlikely shot-on-video enthusiasts Trashmonger Video emerged as an anonymous art collective in 2010. Shooting in their family and friends’ homes strictly on VHS camcorders, they’ve generated 8 films to date. BLOOD KALEIDOSCOPE: THE TERROR OF TRASHMONGER VIDEO acts as compendium for the whole ordeal, incorporating stories and moments from all of their films presented in an entirely new vision.


Caked in 90’s no-fi ethos and informed as much by Kenneth Anger as by SPLATTER FARM, the films of Trashmonger Video merge the surreal and the absurd with heavy gore and powerful paranoia to create a new language within the weird world of low budget filmmaking. Dreams, nightmares, hallucinations and mind-melting inspiration… all this and more await those who gaze upon the… BLOOD KALEIDOSCOPE.


Presented in 4:3. Duplicated in NTSC.


This is the second pressing, housed in full-color slipcases and pressed on black videocassettes with silver foil face and side labels.

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