A Celebration of John and William Bartram – Thomas Peter Bennett


The Bartram 300, in 1999, will celebrate the birth of America”s first great naturalist and conservationist, John Bartram. His scientific travels in Pennsylvania, New York and throughout Florida, with his son William, are now scientific and mythic legend. William”s return to Florida in 1771, and later publication of Travels, concluded the Bartram saga. The Bartrams awakened the scientific and literary world to America”s environmental beauty and natural uniqueness. The Bartrams” history and their accomplishments continue to be globally celebrated. A Celebration of the Bartrams is a poetic interpretation of the travels of John and William Bartram. It includes the physical and spiritual retracing, by the author of the Bartram”s environmental travelsin Florida and Philadelphia. Originally published as a 200th celebration of Travels, its poems have had many readings. ”John Bartram”s House”” was read at the 1993 Centennial celebration and Bartram family reunion at historic Bartram”s garden in Philadelphia and published in the proceedings. ””Flight of Savanna Cranes”” received honorable mention, The John David Johnson Memorial Poetry Awards of Poet ””93. ””Gopher”” appeared in The Annual Anthology of the South Florida Poetry Institute, 1992-1993.

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