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Record Spotlight – May 30th 2024 – The Kills

Featured image By Aurelien Guichard - Flickr: The Kills, CC BY-SA 2.0, Link

The Kills might be my favorite rock band. They’re a two piece that plays loud, glitchy, jangly rock over drum loops, while trading vocal barbs about life, death, love, and hate. Vocalist Allison Mosshart is also the lead vocalist in The Dead Weather, a band which formed in Atlanta several years ago while The Kills were opening for The Raconteurs.

We have some of The Kills LPS for sale (and also some of The Raconteurs while you’re at it.)

The Kills also put on a killer live show. This live set from The Basement in 2008 stands out as an excellent example of the particular way this duo can captivate.

and this live set on KEXP from Feb of 24 proves that they’ve still got it, and that they can somehow even make an acoustic set work.

If you’re not already a fan, take this opportunity to improve yourself. If you are already a fan, take this opportunity to fill in the gaps in your collection while supporting our shop, or just enjoy the live sets, or ignore me entirely.

Featured image By Aurelien GuichardFlickr: The Kills, CC BY-SA 2.0, Link

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