A Hiker’s Guide to the Bartram National Recreation Trail in Georgia and North Carolina – Brent Martin


The 112-mile-long Bartram National Recreation Trail loosely follows the route that eighteenth-century naturalist William Bartram traveled in the spring of 1775 as he explored the South Carolina, Georgia, and western North Carolina mountains. Along his way, he provided significant historical accounts and descriptions of the towns and customs of the Middle Town Cherokees and documented the local flora and fauna, along with descriptions of the landscape. In his 1791 publication, Travels through North and South Carolina, Georgia, East and West Florida, etc., Bartram’s discoveries in the South were published to high praise in both the United States and Europe. Two hundred years later, a consortium of states convened to commemorate the bicentennial of his travels, resulting in a network of historical markers, interpretive walks and trails, and a commitment to keep William Bartram alive in the public consciousness.

This guide to the Bartram Trail, illustrated with more than thirty maps and a pair of Bartram’s watercolors, is a comprehensive account of the Bartram National Recreation Trail. More than just detailing day hikes, interesting spurs, and loop hikes on trails connected to the Bartram, Brent Martin also incorporates illuminating cultural and natural histories into each section.

Martin’s guide is perfect for those hiking the entire trail as a single experience and for those making day trips. It includes locations for outdoor supplies, lodging, parking, and other relevant outdoor experiences, such as canoeing the Little Tennessee River or visiting the historic Cherokee town sites of Cowee and Nikwasi.

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