Georgia’s Civilian Conservation Corps – Connie M. Huddleston


At a time when our country struggled with a deep financial depression, the United States began to see incredible numbers of men and women who could not find work. During the first days of his administration, Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt sought to create opportunities for this country’s uneducated and undereducated young men to find work, help support their families, and receive training in a variety of fields. President Roosevelt’s own vision brought about the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). Images of America: Georgia’s Civilian Conservation Corps examines the role these young men played in developing three national forests, three national monuments, a national battlefield, 10 state parks, and four military installations. This book illustrates and gives voice to the CCC’s rich contribution to Georgia’s landscape and history and allows us to understand how the creation of this social employment program was once seen as the shining example of FDR’s New Deal.

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