Jenny Villiers (1947) – J.B. Priestley


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Once passionate about the theater, playwright Martin Cheveril is now disillusioned and contemplating a change of career. His new play, a bitter and cynical piece, is about to premiere when something strange happens. After stumbling upon an old pamphlet about a talented young actress named Jenny Villiers who died in 1846, Cheveril dozes off and finds himself somehow transported back to the theater of her day. By some mysterious means, he will find himself a spectator of the tragedy of Jenny’s life and death—a tragedy whose effects will echo strangely into the present day.

One of the prolific J. B. Priestley’s favorites among his own books, the unusual ghost story Jenny Villiers (1947) returns to print at last in this new edition. Ten other classic titles by Priestley are also available from Valancourt.