Passionate Swordsman and the Heartless Blade – Chen, Faxing (Translator) – Gu Long (Author) – (Paperback)


In the heart of ancient China, where honor and the clash of blades determine one’s fate, emerges a tale woven with the threads of betrayal, love, and the quest for power. “The Passionate Swordsmen and the Heartless Blade” by Gu Long is a riveting martial arts wuxia novel that transports readers into a world where the sharpness of a sword and the depth of one’s courage can shape destinies.

Follow the journey of our protagonists, a group of swordsmen bound by their passion for martial arts and a complex web of relationships that test their loyalties, loves, and their very ideals. Among them is a legendary swordsman whose heart has grown cold as his blade, seeking redemption in a land rife with danger and intrigue.

As their paths intertwine with that of a formidable foe—a mastermind whose ambition knows no bounds—our heroes must navigate through a maze of alliances and betrayals, where every encounter could lead to their last. With the fate of the martial world hanging in the balance, the line between friend and foe blurs, and the true nature of the heartless blade will be revealed.

Gu Long’s masterful storytelling brings to life epic battles, unbreakable bonds, and the timeless pursuit of honor and justice. “The Passionate Swordsmen and the Heartless Blade” is not just a story of fights and feuds; it is a poignant exploration of the human spirit, the pain of loss, and the unyielding strength of the will to prevail.

Dive into this saga of sharp swords and sharper wits, where the journey of a thousand li begins with the clash of steel, and discover why Gu Long remains an undisputed master of the wuxia genre.

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From Wikipedia:

Gu Long (7 June 1938 – 21 September 1985), was a Hong Kong-born Taiwanese novelist, screenwriter, film producer and director. A graduate of Cheng Kung Senior High School and Tamkang University, Xiong is best known for writing wuxia novels and serials, which include Juedai Shuangjiao, Xiaoli Feidao Series, Chu Liuxiang Series, Lu Xiaofeng Series and The Eleventh Son. Some of these works have been adapted into films and television series for numerous times. In the 1980s, he started his own film studio, Bao Sian (寶龍),[1] to produce film adaptations of his works.