Planet of Dread & Twice Upon a Time – Murray Leinster & Charles L. Fontenay


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Armchair Fiction presents extra-large editions of classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations. The first novel, “Planet of Dread,” is an outer space horror story. It tells the tale of a spaceship with one too many passengers—a stowaway. The stowaway is given two choices: be sentenced to death, or be marooned on a nearby planet. He chooses to be marooned. His one problem is that the planet is crawling with millions of giant insect monstrosities. The second novel, “Twice Upon a Time” is a wonderful story of space opera and time travel. Because of the long years it took to travel between the worlds of the galaxy, interplanetary peace could only be maintained by a small band of men known as The Deathless Legion. And of these cosmic policemen, Chaan Fritag of Earth was the first to cross the path of the man who wanted to be Napoleon of the stars. You’ll find lots futuristic thrills in both of these terrific novels, penned by sci-fi veterans, Murray Leinster and Charles L. Fontenay.