The Prince of Space & Power – Jack Williamson & Harl Vincent


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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels. The first novel is a foray into space, “The Prince of Space” by Jack Williamson. Trainor’s Tower, a massive two and half mile high building with the world’s highest ranked observatory found at the top. What else was up there, and what all could be seen from such a prestigious spot? These were the burning questions that reporter William Windsor wanted the answers to. With access to the tower he believed he could tell the “Tale of the Century.” Windsor was about to be given his greatest wish, and upon looking through that telescope, his life—and many others—would never be the same! Jack Williamson’s writing is not new to our readers. This story is sure to make friends for him, and add many new ones to his fast-growing list of admirers. The second novel is “Power” by Harl Vincent. The days of hydroelectric dams were over. But there was absolutely no assurance during the endless days of the future that the use of cosmic power was going to remain perpetually in place. And with the change in the control of this power came, by natural order, changes in economic and even in social control—violently. For the destiny of the world depended largely upon that commodity known as “power” and the men—good or evil—who controlled it. Harl Vincent, one of the great authors of the golden age of science fiction, and who was himself an authority on the subject of electricity and power and their attendant social significance, conjured up an astonishing story filled with amazing action, taut intrigue, and the possibility of profound changes in mankind’s future.