The Robot Men of Bubble City & Dragon Army – Rog Phillips & William Morrison


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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels. The first novel is another great tale by veteran science fiction author, Rog Phillips, “The Robot Men of Bubble City.” What awaits us in the depths of space? After fifteen years of space prospecting, Turlogh and Gar were ready to try mining on Pluto, said to be rich in precious radioactives. After landing on the distant planet, they set out to explore its uninhabitable terrain. But soon they came upon something startling. It was an entrance—an entrance obviously constructed by something alien. A nightmarish adventure then began when they stepped through this mysterious door. Their path followed an underground roadway to a strange domed city, a city whose inhabitants were oddly robotic in nature. Events soon spiraled out of control as they faced imminent danger from this lost race of Plutonians, whose insidious plans reached far beyond the borders of their own frozen world. The second novel is “Dragon Army” by Williams Morrison. Newell was exiled on a lonely planet with the devil. Bulkley was a murdering rat, pure and simple. He had managed to pass the blame for his crimes off onto Frank Newell, who was then convicted and sent into exile on a distant planet. Unfortunately for Newell, Bulkley—in spite of his best, unscrupulous efforts—had also been convicted and sent into exile along with him. So there they were, wanting desperately to spill each other’s blood, stranded on a lonely planet together for the rest of their days. But Newell had discovered something amazing on this heavily vegetated planet—a way to create “men” out of plants. It was a discovery that might help lift his sentence of exile. Unfortunately, Newell’s secret fell into the hands of his dread nemesis, Bulkley, who soon had an incredible army of plant-creatures to do his insidious bidding…