Rocky and Bullwinkle: The Complete Newspaper Comic Strip Collection – Volume 1 (1962-1963) – Al Kilgore


This is the complete first two years of Rocky and Bullwinkle newspaper comic strip dailies! If you think you’ve read every single moose and squirrel adventure, think again! Over 400 daily strips have been collected into this volume for the very first time! The stories presented here are the complete comic strip run from 1962 -1963. These timeless classics have been sought over by newspaper historians for years and are just as great as the show! Join Rocky and Bullwinkle as they face off against Boris Badenov and Natasha Fatale in Washington DC, Get TV commercial careers, head to Transylvania and learn the story of how Rocky and Bullwinkle first met! The book also contains exclusive intro’s for each story and contains rare pictures from the Al Kilgore archive!

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