Science Fiction Gems: Volume Eight – Poul Anderson, Keith Laumer and Others


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Armchair Fiction presents extra large paperback collections of the best in classic science fiction short stories. Here it is…our eighth collection of Science Fiction Gems This exciting collection of science fiction gems offers an eclectic blend of ideas from great authors like Poul Anderson, Chester Geier, Fritz Leiber, Clifford Simak, Mack Reynolds and others. “Snowball” (Anderson) and “The Ship Sails At Midnight” (Leiber) offer intriguing drama and allegories of the human condition. Explore a forbidden part of the jungles of Venus in “No Dark Gallows For Me” (John Jakes) or steal fine works of art with “The Star-Sent Knaves” (Laumer). Both are amazing tales packed with stimulating interplanetary adventure. We also bring you provocative romance between human and artificial intelligence in “Weep No More, My Robot” (Geier) and there is subtle hair-raising horror in “The Beast of Boredom” (Richard R. Smith). Engage your mind with this incredible assembly of stories about fantastic futures.