Secret of Marracott Deep & Pawn of the Black Fleet – Henry Slesar & Mark Clifton


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Armchair Fiction presents extra-large editions of classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations. The first novel, “Secret of Marracott Deep” is a tale of an undersea race rising from the depths to menace mankind. What was the secret of beautiful woman on the beach who found herself constantly threatened by monsters from below? Look out for giant lobsters! The second novel, “Pawn of the Black Fleet” is a tale of pending invasion. A massive alien fleet hovered in the skies above America. For days the grim, threatening spaceships of the invading armada were seen simultaneously over every major city, washing the earth below with a stinking miasma of evil dread. Then suddenly, the pattern stopped and the world waited silently and fearfully for the next move. Both novels are terrific thrillers penned by two well-known ’60s sci-fi specialists, Henry Slesar and Mark Clifton