The Dark Other & Witch of the Demon Seas – Stanley Weinbaum & Poul Anderson


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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels. The first novel is “The Dark Other” written by the acclaimed Stanley Weinbaum. Nicholas Devine was a published writer, with an interest in the literary horror greats—Poe, Baudelaire, and others. On the other hand Patricia Lane was a social butterfly of great beauty and charm. Her intellect and vivacious nature attracted Nick and soon won his heart. A romantic entanglement followed. In Nick, Pat Lane saw a sweet and sensitive soul. Yet there were times she caught a glimpse of something different, something…darker. Before long Nick Devine confessed a terrible secret: there was something inside him so mysterious, so evil that it was beyond his control. He and Pat could never be happy together. But Pat begged him to seek the help of her friend and father-figure Dr. Carl Horker, a renowned psychiatrist and neurosurgeon. But before long Pat and Dr. Horker realized they were dealing with something more than a simple case of schizophrenia. It was something fraught with a growing sense of inescapable horror… The second novel is “Witch of the Demon Seas.” Join science fiction and fantasy master Poul Anderson as he spins a swashbuckling tale of alien sorcery. Corun—deposed prince of Conahur, and condemned pirate—languished in his cell, awaiting execution. But when the evil wizard Shorzon approached him, and made him a proposition, Corun thought perhaps there was a chance—however slim—to avoid an early and painful death. It seemed so simple: He would guide Shorzon to the lair of the Xanthi, and teach him their language, Corun would then be freed and his kingdom restored. But Shorzon had other plans, and they did not involve restoring Conahur to its former glory, nor did he intend to let Corun just walk away a free man. He wanted ultimate power, power only beings of dark magic could grant…