The Field Herping Guide: Finding Amphibians and Reptiles in the Wild – Mike Pingleton


Herping is the observation of amphibians and reptiles for recreation or for the production of citizen science―the cold-blooded equivalent of birding. The Field Herping Guide: Finding Amphibians and Reptiles in the Wild is the first book to explore the fun and fascinating world of observing herpetofauna across North America. The natural world holds an amazing diversity of herps, some as close as our own backyards. This guidebook is geared toward new field herpers and uses proven methods from professional herpetologists Mike Pingleton and Joshua Holbrook.

The guide addresses basic questions new field herpers have about amphibians and reptiles: What do I need to know about their biology? Where do I look for them, and when? These topics are covered in a straightforward manner, with images, a glossary of essential terms, personal anecdotes, and informational vignettes that support the subject material.

Getting Started
Understanding Herp Behavior
Finding Herps
Catching and Handling Herps
Safety in the Field
Ethics and Etiquette, Rights and Responsibilities
Classification, Taxonomy, and Species Identification
Citizen Science and Data Collection
Herp Photography
Social Aspects of Field Herping
A History of Field Herping

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