The Lake of the Dead – André Bjerke


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Deep in the darkest part of the Norwegian woods stands Dead Man’s Cabin, where 110 years ago a madman slew his sister and her lover, throwing their decapitated corpses in a nearby lake before drowning himself to join them in death. Ever since, the cabin has been cursed, and anyone who spends the night there is possessed by the killer’s spirit and infected with his madness.

Bjørn Werner, a young scholar from Oslo, ignored the old superstitions and bought the cabin as a place to read and work in quiet. Now he has disappeared, and the evidence suggests he threw himself in the lake in a fit of insanity. The police write it off as a suicide, but those who knew him are not so sure. Could the curse actually be real? Bjørn’s sister and five of his friends travel to the cabin to look into his death, but not all of them will return alive from their stay at the Lake of the Dead …