The Syndic & Flight to Forever – C.M. Kornbluth & Poul Anderson


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Armchair Fiction presents extra large paperback editions of classic science fiction double novels with original illustrations. The first novel, “The Syndic,” is a futuristic adventure tale by the highly respected sci-fi author, C. M. Kornbluth. Was this the America of the future? Here is a shocking but realistic picture of America in the far future—a wild chaotic America, but a very possible America. An America where people pay protection instead of taxes—where polo is played in jeeps with 50-caliber machine guns. An America full of the wonders of tomorrow driven by passions that are ageless. There have been a thousand tales of future Utopias and possible civilizations. Join legendary sci-fi author C. M. Kornbluth as he takes you into a future where America is ruled by the Mob. The second novel, “Flight to Forever,” is a top-flight time travel novel. It features a man pitted against the limitless wastes of Time. A man who fought the strange, inhuman civilizations of Earth’s unguess¬able future, searching hopelessly among the never-ending tomorrows for the road to one unforgettable yesterday! Here is a memorable time travel adventure novel by one of the most heralded sci-fi authors of all time, Poul Anderson.