The Witching Night – Leslie Waller


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Armchair Fiction presents extra large paperback editions of the best in classic horror novels. In “The Witching Night,” Leslie Waller spins a dark tale of black magic and murder. Dr. Joe Loomis, a young, well-grounded MD who operated a small clinic in Chicago, found he couldn’t save his close friend, Colin Jones, from the unbearable agony of a strange affliction. In fact, it was an affliction Loomis hadn’t even been able to diagnose. After his unfortunate friend’s strange death, circumstances eventually led him into a series of fantastic events. He made the acquaintance of the beautiful but mysterious Abbie Cowper and her confederates, the satanic Dune Dwellers, whose Mass of Saint-Sécaire he secretly witnessed. Afterward, with the onset of intense, incessant headaches that began to destroy his ability to think and to sleep, Joe Loomis realized he would soon be the next victim of a power beyond the realm of science, and perhaps beyond the realm of God. It then became obvious that the saving of his own life would be a race against time—a race it seemed he was destined to lose…