Thunder in the Dawn & The Uncanny Experiments of Dr. Varsag – Henry Kuttner & David V. Reed


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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels. The first novel is “Thunder in the Dawn” written by one of the great sci-fi and fantasy writers of the 20th Century, Henry Kuttner. “Thunder in the Dawn” is one of the most exciting pieces of fantasy you’ll ever read. It is set in ancient Atlantis and deals with Elak, the warrior prince who slew his own father, the King of Cyrena, in a duel to the death. His younger brother, Orander, then inherited the thrown and Elak had gone into self-exile. But all was not well in Cyrena. A Viking invasion had upended the kingdom and Orander had been captured. But the Vikings did not stand alone. Behind their power was the magic of Elf, the most dreaded warlock in the whole of Atlantis. Elf’s magic power held Orander a prisoner deep within the bowels of a crumbling, forbidden castle. And soon Elf sent a magically empowered assassin to slay Elak. Only the magic of a mysterious Druid priest stood between Elak and death. Together they set out to rescue Orander; but the way to Cyrena was choked with danger, both human and inhuman. And soon Elak and his companions were faced with one supernatural terror after another… The second novel is “The Uncanny Experiments of Dr. Varsag” by David V. Reed. The truth of the matter is that there were two Dr. Varsags. Both men were brothers, and they conducted some of the most amazing experiments involving men and animals ever recorded. Even H. G. Wells’ Dr. Moreau would have been green with envy. The guinea pigs of their experiments were all human: A striking cobra was slow motion in comparison to the lethal hand-speed of premier boxer, Dexter Montrex. Try to imagine a college track star like Bart Gottlieb, whose foot speed was so fast he could cut the record for the mile in half—almost effortlessly. And finally, with the incredible abilities of a mole and super-human strength, try to imagine what someone like Professor Marvin Williams could do; especially when burrowing under the vaults of some of the biggest banks in the country. With all this as a backdrop, we’re sure you’ll find this amazing tale by David V. Reed to be one of the most unique pieces of science fiction you’ve read in a long, long time.