Treasure on Thunder Moon & Trail of the Astrogar – Edmond Hamilton & Henry Hasse


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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels. The first novel is “Treasure on Thunder Moon,” another fine tale by Edmond Hamilton. John North was through as a space pilot and he knew it. He’d been told that at age 37 he was too old to fly anymore. His strength and his reflexes just weren’t what they used to be. However, when a fluke opportunity raised its head, he and his aging space veteran friends found themselves hurtling into the void again. But it wasn’t aboard a luxury space liner or an interplanetary freighter—no. It was a treasure hunt to Oberon, one of the larger moons orbiting faraway Uranus. Oberon was known as “Thunder Moon,” and few men had ever landed on its surface and returned to tell about it. But a small cache of the most valuable substance in the Solar System lay hidden there. Unfortunately, Thunder Moon was the hell of the Solar System. And these men had to brave it in a condemned wreck. The second novel deals with terror from deep space in “Trail of the Astrogar,” by Henry Hasse. The freighter Astrogar had disappeared somewhere in the void, seemingly without a trace. Then she was found free-floating in deep space, terribly damaged, but not as damaged as the mind of the spaceman who was found inside her. He tried to tell of a dreadful, impending menace…one that could possibly destroy whole worlds! No one believed him except his daughter. She went to the dregs of the space planes to find the answers she sought and to prove her father was more than a raving madman. She soon found Curt Vaughn, and with him a giant Venusian. Together they set out to solve a deep space mystery—the solution to which might hold dire consequences for the entire Solar System…