Wide-Open Planet & And Then The Town Took Off – L. Sprague de Camp & Richard Wilson


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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels. The first novel is “Wide Open Planet” by a well-known legend of the Golden Age of Science Fiction, L. Sprague de Camp. When Felix Borel landed on the planet Krishna, it was with one thought only—to pull off the biggest scam of his long career as a planet-hopping con artist. This time he had set his sights on the treasury of the Republic of Mikardand—a backwards, often violent kingdom that held lots and lots of gold in its treasury. After gaining a hero’s status with his lucky slaying of a notorious river pirate, it seemed that pulling off his scheme was going to be almost too easy. Indeed, Borel had the local higher-ups eating out of his hand, seemingly ready to give him nearly anything he wanted. But then Felix Borel met the Lady Zerdai, a gorgeous Krishnan female, who fell head-over-heels in love with the conniving Earthman. Unfortunately for Borel, her affections soon landed him in an arena facing a well-armed foe intent on slitting his throat! The second novel is “And Then The Town Took Off” by award winning author Richard Wilson. The town of Superior, Ohio, certainly was living up to its name! In what was undoubtedly the most spectacular feat of the century, it simply picked itself up one night and rose two full miles above Earth! Radio messages stated simply that Superior had seceded from Earth. But Don Cort, stranded on that rising town, was beginning to suspect that nothing was simple about Superior except its citizens. Calmly they accepted their rise in the world as being due to one of their local townspeople, a crackpot professor. But after a couple of weeks of floating around, it began to be obvious that the professor had no idea how to get them down. So then it was up to Cort: either find a way to anchor Superior, or spend the rest of his days on the smallest—and the nuttiest—planet in the galaxy!