After World’s End & The Floating Robot – Jack Williamson & David Wright O’Brien


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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels. The first novel, “After World’s End” is by an author from the upper echelon of the science fiction literary field, Jack Williamson. When scientist and explorer, Dr. Barry Horn, was recruited to be the world’s first rocketeer, he was reticent…until he received a vision from his late wife imploring him to go. He set off for Venus, but something went horribly wrong, and he wound up in a state of suspended animation…unable to move, but subjected to visions of the marches of time. He witnessed his descendants going into space, creating the first living robot, and watched the rise of the Robot Corporation and its ongoing and systematic destruction of mankind. When Barry finally awakened he found himself with a great and terrible burden. He—with the aid of the Dondara Stone—was saddled with the task of destroying Malgarth and his robot minions. But first he had to find and rescue the Custodian of the Stone…if she was still alive. The second novel is “The Floating Robot” by another sci-fi veteran, David Wright O’Brien. Over the air waves young Sally O’Neill’s voice soared. It was a beautiful voice with all the qualities of a great singer, and it was bound to attract new listeners to the radio station. But then something happened—something that defied description. As her performance grew in intensity, the unique, piercing quality of her voice somehow caused a short circuit in the station’s transmitter—in a split second they were thrown off the air! It appeared to be some kind of freak accident, but what no one could have guessed was that Sally O’Neill’s voice had also ripped a hole in the barrier between Earth and an unknown parallel world. And during that brief moment, a strange robotic creature from that parallel world was hurtled into our universe. Unfortunately, the creature wanted to make sure the beautiful Miss O’Neill would never again cause such an accident…