Cosmic Kill & Beyond the End of Space – Robert Silverberg & John W. Campbell


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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels. The first novel is “Cosmic Kill” by science fiction maestro Robert Silverberg. When Intelligence assigned Lon Archman to assassinate one of the most powerful men in the Solar System, Archman knew there was little chance of his coming back alive. The evil lord Darrien had established a foothold on Mars and was firmly in control of the Martian city, Canalopolis. Archman knew he’d have to land on Mars, enter Canalopolis, elude security, find his way into Darrien’s palace, and then figure out who was the real Darrien, and not just one of several orthysynthetic robot doubles. No easy task! But with the arrival of two unexpected players—a beautiful Earth girl and a crafty Mercurian—Archman’s task became more complicated than ever. Could he use these two new players to his advantage, or would they prove to be the harbingers of his death? The second novel is “Beyond the End of Space” penned by science fiction master, John W. Campbell. Randolph Warren wasn’t trying to destroy himself and his whole lab with his new scientific apparatus, but that’s what almost happened. What Randolph had been laboring on was a revolutionary experiment relating to the energy of matter. However, what he actually accomplished was the total annihilation of matter, transmuting it into a sheer, raw atomic force, the likes of which had never been known before. Properly developed, it promised to be a boon to mankind. But a small syndicate of the world’s wealthiest energy brokers—who weren’t afraid to wreak death and destruction—set their sights on this amazing new discovery. Soon Warren and his associates found themselves flung outside the known Universe—beyond the end of space. The only question that remained was could they return to their own space and time before Earth fell prey to a group of power-hungry madmen?