Battering Rams of Space & Doomsday Wing – Don Wilcox & George H. Smith


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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels. The first novel is by Don Wilcox—an author who will never be thought of as one of the greats, but whose tales are nearly impossible to put down. “Battering Rams of Space” is another fast-moving Wilcox space adventure. In this sequel to “Slave Raiders of Mercury,” Lester Allison is kidnapped from Mercury by a Venusian Horde. He winds up on Venus where he becomes prey to the whims of the Solar System’s maddest dictator, the blood-thirsty Sasho, who has ruthless plans for Earth. Can Allison stop this madman and his minions in time? The second novel is by another sci-fi veteran, George H. Smith. “Doomsday Wing” is a harrowing tale of a world gone mad and on the brink of total destruction. In the war room of Command Post D, the military and civilian analysts were horrified to discover that a rocket had been fired from Siberia toward the United States! Would the U.S. use its ultimate weapon, the “Doomsday Wing” to counterattack against the Russians? Even if it did, wouldn’t this weapon also destroy the rest of the world?