Worlds Within & The Slave – Rog Phillips & C.M. Kornbluth


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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels. “Worlds Within” is the first novel, penned by master sci-fi craftsman, Rog Phillips. An Aero dynamics engineer hears a knock at his door one morning. At his door is a beautiful “out of this world’ woman who takes him on a rapid succession of “out of this world” adventures, leading him through worlds within worlds into breathtaking wonders previously undreamed of by science. The second novel, “The Slave” is a taut, sometimes grim sci-fi tale by the late great C. M. Kornbluth. There were alien slave ships over Earth! It seemed unimaginable that scores of these spaceships had been coming and going from Earth, virtually undetected, for centuries. And taking with them, untold thousands of human beings who were transformed into pitiful galley slaves, used for driving their captors’ spacecrafts from one side of the galaxy to another. When agents of Earth finally became aware of their planet’s plight, it was decided that one agent would be sent in, and it must be an agent with extraordinary mental powers—far above those of the average human. The only problem was that the agent selected was a washout with the service and now a wandering bum with a propensity for too much booze!