The Bees of Death & A Plague of Pythons – Robert Moore Williams & Frederik Pohl


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Armchair Fiction presents extra large paperback editions of classic science fiction double novels, complete with original illustrations. The first novel is “The Bees of Death,” is a great chiller, written by one of science fiction’s best, Robert Moore Williams. A buzzing death was in the air. The future of the human race was in serious jeopardy, and it all started with the simple act of digging a ditch and finding what appeared to be an old black cannonball. Only it wasn’t really a cannonball. It was something else. And there was something inside it—something alive! The second novel, “A Plague of Pythons,” is by Frederik Pohl and deals with an apocalypse of madness. On Christmas the world’s freedom died. Every man, woman and child lay in the grip of fear, for no one knew at what moment his nearest friend or a casual stranger might suddenly be possessed by some brutal mind…and begin to murder and destroy. For Chandler it was worse than for most. He was both victim and executioner. He had suffered himself, and he had committed a violent crime while under the strange domination. Accused of hoaxing he was driven from his home. He wandered until he found himself in Hawaii and learned that this was the center of the plague—and that he was helpless to do anything about it!