The Brain Sinner & Death from the Skies – Alan E. Nourse & A. Hyatt Verrill


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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels. The first novel, “The Brain Sinner,” is a gem from sci-fi veteran, Alan E. Nourse. Was it a forerunner to invasion? He was an alien from a distant world, whose race had hatched a sinister plan of interplanetary conquest. His purpose was a simple one: scout out the target planet for traces of psi-presence. The target planet—Earth! But this would be no ordinary invasion. It would be an invasion whose primary weapon was the power of telepathy—and the telepathic power of these alien invaders was tremendous. Only minds of equal telepathic power had any chance against them. So when news of the alien’s arrival became known, a network of Federal Security agents—including human “Psi-High” minds—gathered to devise a defense against the impending alien threat. Unfortunately, the paranoia of their own people was nearly as great a threat as the aliens themselves!. The second novel is A. Hyatt Verrill’s “Death from the Skies.” From outer space came the rain of death… Falling meteors are nothing new. Even heavy showers of these falling objects from the skies occur at certain stages of cosmic periodicity and can be predicted by scientists. But in this eye-opening tale, steady streams of meteors slam into the Earth, causing unprecedented amounts of worldwide destruction. Through all of the upheaval and loss of life caused by these deadly barrages, the scientists of the world searched for answers…could this be a natural phenomenon of some sort? Was the Earth simply moving through a massive field of space rubble? It seemed possible. But when it became apparent that the destruction was being targeted on populated areas—cities and towns—it soon became clear that Earth was not being subjected to a freakish occurrence of nature, but that she was being attacked—attacked by intelligences far beyond the comprehension of man.