Cosmic Bunglers & The Buttoned Sky – Geoff St Reynard


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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels. This edition features two great tales by sci-fi expert, Geoff St. Reynard. The first novel, “The Cosmic Bunglers” deals with what appeared to be an invasion from the past. It seemed impossible, but what other explanation was there for the sudden appearance of over a thousand 17th Century highwaymen, seemingly plopped down in the middle of the southwestern desert of the United States? But it was true. Everyday American travelers, coasting through the hot desert sands in their modern automobiles, were suddenly being dry-gulched and robbed by ancient-looking hoodlums on horseback. But what connection did it all have to a top secret experiment involving man’s first attempt at surpassing the speed of light? Was it time travel, or was it something else? The second novel is another Reynard goodie, “The Buttoned Sky.” Beware the god-globes! There were many legends that spoke of Earth’s glorious past. Legends that spoke of its vast, powerful nations and empires. Legends that spoke of its freedoms and greatnesses. But this was the future. A future now riddled with fear. A future now ruled by god-globes, as men gazed up fearfully at a buttoned sky…