Ultimate Peril & Planet of Shame – Robert Anthony & Bruce Elliot


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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels. The first novel, “The Ultimate Peril” is a tale of interplanetary war by Robert Abernathy. There was a secret weapon that spelled Earth’s doom. Was there even a remote possibility that Earth could be defeated by Venus in an all-out interplanetary war? It seemed unlikely. Venus technology was years behind that of Earth. The massive Earth space fleet was far superior to the copycat fleet of the Venusians. In fact, it seemed that Earth had lulled itself into a planet-wide feeling of over-confidence. However, there was one man who knew differently. A man who had “escaped” from Venusian captivity. What had the Venusians done to him in those twelve awful days of captivity? Ralph Degnan searched his mind for the answers—but his memory was blank. Could he remember the horrible truth before it was too late…before the destruction of Earth could no longer be avoided? The second novel is an unusual tale of interplanetary morality, “Planet of Shame” by Bruce Elliot. “Thou shall not covet your neighbor’s wife…or even your own!” 1000 years ago, 30 men and 30 women were exiled from Earth to populate a recently discovered planet. In the ensuing years, the original groups’ strict puritan beliefs (especially pertaining to sex) had become so overbearing, so warped in their nature, that the sexual practices of the culture (or the lack thereof!) literally threatened the planet’s populace with extinction. The turning point came one night when a young man on a drunken bender (ordered by his own doctor no less!) began to question the logic of always living in such a loathsome and shameful state of mind. With the help and encouragement from his new friends, John Comstock decides he really is willing to start a revolution of new ideas…and the public kissing of a young woman in the plaza was only the beginning of his rebellion!