Empire of Jegga – David V. Reed


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Armchair fiction presents the best in classic science fiction novels. “Empire of Jegga,” written by David V. Reed, is perhaps one of the most underrated, if not one of the best science fiction novels of the 1940s. It is a grand science fiction tale about a young millionaire’s attempt to launch his own private moon expedition. Nick Brewster and the crew of the rocket ship “Trailblazer II” didn’t know what to think when they arrived drunk, injured, and confused on the surface of the moon. They had expected to die, but they instead landed in a scene of utter chaos. Brewster and his crew soon found themselves in the middle of an interplanetary conflict, filled with what seemed like daily assassinations and political machinations. But Nick, who possessed scientific knowledge that was coveted by all sides in the conflict, found himself in the company of beautiful women, posing for the fawning military personel, and generally having what appeared to be a grand ‘ol time. Nick’s crew, however, had other plans. They were going to be part of a cosmic revolution…with or without him. Packed to the brim with action and intrigue, and featuring an unforgettable climax, David V. Reed spins an epic tale in the Burroughs tradition. “Empire of Jegga” is a true science fiction classic.