Into the Green Prism & Wanderers of the Wolf Moon – A. Hyatt Verrill & Nelson S. Bond


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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels. The first novel is a wonderful tale from the pages of Amazing Stories, “Into the Green Prism” by heralded sci-fi writer A. Hyatt Verrill. Two scientists, Don Alfeo and Ramon Amador, plunged headlong into the wilds of Ecuador to conduct various scientific studies on the ancient Manabi Indian tribe. There in the Ecuadorian wilds they found a strange substance near the remains of an ancient meteorite. It was a green semi-transparent material that one might easily cast aside as a bit of a broken green glass bottle. But the two experts soon discovered that this strange emerald-like material contained properties more fantastic than the world of science had ever known. In fact, within this astounding green substance was the doorway to another world. A. Hyatt Verrill was one of the best known authors during the early years of the classic science fiction magazine, Amazing Stories. He was a true ace when it came to “hard science” tales. “Into the Green Prism” is one of the best examples of his superb story-telling prowess. The second novel is “Wanderers of the Wolf Moon” penned by noted sci-fi author Nelson S. Bond. The Carefree was an outstanding space yacht—the owner J. Foster Andrews had spared no expense. It had all of the finest equipment and amenities. Unfortunately warp eddies and space vortices weren’t concerned by such things and the Carefree soon found itself plummeting toward a crash-landing. Shipwrecked on Titan, their radio busted, and most of the survivors having never done an honest day’s work in their lives, the only person who seemed capable of leading the castaways to their survival was a mild mannered and dedicated male secretary. For a time life became easier—even comfortable. They’d found warmth and safety in a series of caves. But a planetary darkness soon threatened their lives, and before long an alien menace reared its ugly head. Could they somehow transmit an interplanetary S.O.S. before it was too late?