Caduceus Wild – Robert Bradford


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Armchair fiction presents extra large paperback editions of the best in classic science fiction novels. “Caduceus Wild” is forgotten sci-fi classic by Ward Moore & Robert Bradford. The Medarchy was a tyranny that only a tiny minority considered oppressive. Practically speaking, the Medarchy, was a sane and healthful society where the doctor’s prescription was law, and everyone had to carry a medical chart with him at all times. How could the underground opposition—referred to as the maladjusted, or “the mallies”—hope to overturn such a system, when so few could see that cradle-to-grave regulation of a person’s life (in the name of “health”) robbed him of all human dignity? And now, two of the government’s most outspoken critics, Cyrus Tarn and Virginia Carling, were faced with a life as fugitives—continually on the run. For should they be apprehended, they wouldn’t be executed, they’d be cured, robbed of their memories and individualities—a fate that awaited all who disagreed with the iron hand of the Medarchy.