The Last Plea & The Status Civilization – Robert Bloch & Robert Sheckley


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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels. The first novel is Robert “Psycho” Bloch’s “The Last Plea.” All Luther Snodgrass wanted was to play his git-tar and make people happy with his music. The problem was that Luther had absolutely no talent—none whatsoever. So it seemed kind of strange that a well-known talent agent like Judge Harmer would take him under his wing. But there was more to Judge Harmer than met the eye. And the contract Luther signed was written in something more than ink. Join master horror and sci-fi storyteller Robert Bloch, as he spins a delightful fantasy-farce about the long and winding road to the top of the Rock and Roll business. A road that is filled with perverse hilarity and has you walking hand-in-hand with the devil himself…The second novel is sci-fi great Robert Sheckley’s “The Status Civilization.” Life expectancy on Omega was listed as three years. Barrent had been tried, convicted, and memory-washed on Earth—an Earth strangely altered and stratified by fear of the radical and the non-conformist. Now he was serving his sentence on Omega—a prison planet walled by a ring of hovering guard-ships from which there was no escape. Omega was a world of horror, a savage, ruthless way of life. But it was only a momentary ordeal, a prelude to a return to Earth and the subtle terrors of its own status civilization.