The Spectre of Suicide Swamp & It’s Magic, You Dope! – E.K. Jarvis & Jack Sharkey


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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels. The first novel is “The Spectre of Suicide Swamp,” a terrific tale by E.K. Jarvis. Duke Harley was a Hollywood has-been and Kathie Dawn wasn’t too far behind. Their time as Hollywood stars was definitely on the wane. And now they were both set to star in every former big star’s greatest nightmare…a cheap Hollywood horror movie. It was a schlocky movie about bank robbers and a mad robot prowling through a snake-infested swamp. The script would surely be filled with inane dialogue that would make any seasoned thespian cringe. But when you’re on the skids and someone offers you seven hundred and fifty a week, it’s hard to say no. But on the set something happened. The two fading stars saw reality fade and found themselves face-to-face with “the Spectre of Suicide Swamp.” The second novel is a wonderful gem by sci-fi great, Jack Sharkey. There was this doorway, see, to a place called Drendon. Drendon was full of things—hotsys and kwistians and sarks and wumbles. There were also furry fauns, sly satyrs, vampires, werewolves, witches and woodnymphs and the most unlikely collection of spells in any dimension. And when you entered the forest of Drendon, and your girlfriend turned into a woodnymph, and her brother became a faun, and the dreadful parrot-beaked, cannibalistic Kwistian birds came to feast, you didn’t waste precious time asking what’s going on—In short, it’s a wild and woolly Jack Sharkey world where the title phrase is virtually the answer to any question!