Masters of Science Fiction: Volume Eight – Milton Lesser


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Armchair Fiction features the best in classic science fiction short story collections. “Masters of Science Fiction, Vol. Eight” features the works of one of the most underrated sci-fi writers of the 1950s, Milton Lesser. …I looked her up and down, slowly, spending a lot of time on the graceful, incredibly long legs. I nodded. “Yes…” —from “A” As In Android. ABOUT MILTON LESSER: Lesser was born in Brooklyn in 1928, and became a prolific and versatile writer of Science Fiction and Mystery novels. He used many pen names, but his favorite was Stephen Marlowe, which he adopted later in life as his legal name. He gained notoriety from his hard hitting detective novels but his Sci-fi works are here to testify to the enduring nature of his incredible imagination and his ability to tell thought-provoking, yet wildly entertaining tales.