Masters of Science Fiction: Volume Ten – Robert Moore Williams


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Armchair Fiction features the best in classic science fiction short story collections. “Masters of Science Fiction, Vol. Ten” features the works of one of the most prolific of all science fiction writers, Robert Moore Williams. During his career, prolific author Robert Moore Williams published more than 150 novels and short stories. Williams was born in 1907. He had a full-time writing career from 1937 through 1972 and cut his teeth on such publications as “Amazing Stories,” “Astounding Science Fiction,” “Thrilling Wonder Stories,” and “Startling Stories,” just to name a few. He also became a stalwart contributor to Ace Books in the ‘50s and ‘60s, with many fine novels. After a long, distinguished career, Williams passed away in May of 1977 in Dateland, Arizona. This collection contains some of his finest tales from the 1950s, including TIME TOLLS FOR TORO, FIND ME IN ETERNITY, WORLD OF RELUCTANT VIRGINS, THE SOUL MAKERS, THE DIAMOND IMAGES, WHEN THE SPOILERS CAME, TO THE END OF TIME, THE METAL MARTYR, DANGER IS MY DESTINY, THIS WAY OUT, and THE MAN FROM SPACE.