The Other Side of the Moon & Secret Invasion – Edmond Hamilton & Walter Kubilius


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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels. The first novel is“The Other Sidde of the Moon” by one of science fiction’s all time greats, Edmond Hamilton. It was literally an invasion from the dark side… As a team of geologists explored deep in the Yucatan jungle, they found themselves near the ruins of an ancient Mayan temple. It was an amazing sight. But what they didn’t understand about these crumbling ruins was that they were also the site of an ancient alien spaceport—a spaceport that was still active. They soon found themselves attacked by alien raiders from the dark side of the moon! One of the geologists, Richard Carson, had hidden in the shadows, barely escaping with his life. He watched, horrified, as his colleagues were all horribly slain, with one lone survivor, Dr. Howland, being taken prisoner by the alien beasts. Howland then found himself with a one-way ticket back to the moon, where a lost race of turtle-like moon beings planned the eventual conquest of the Earth, a planet they had once ruled, eons in the past. The second novel is “Secret Invasion” by veteran sci-fi author, Walter Kubilius. Could the Martian invasion be stopped? There was no question that the Martians wanted to annihilate the entire human race. After all, had Earth not totally devastated their planet over two hundred years earlier? And the Martians, though practically immortal, were nevertheless a dying breed, unable to procreate their own race. So the Martians, thirsting for revenge and in need of a new home, launched an insidious invasion—not fought with giant machines of war, but with a new method that seemed to transform loyal Earthmen into raving traitors. These traitors were called “Suspects” and it was the job of Earth’s security force, Public Defense, to ferret them out and eliminate them. The problem was that no one on Earth really understood the enormity of the problem. Yet Earth had the power to wipe out the entire Martian race by simply pushing a button. The question was—would they have the courage to actually push it?