The Exile of Time – Ray Cummings


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Armchair fiction presents extra large paperback editions of the best in classic science fiction novels. “The Exile of Time” was written by the legendary science fiction writer, Ray Cummings. She had come from a different time. She had screamed for help from behind a foggy pane of glass. George Rankin and Larry Gregory, being typical chivalrous men from 1935, threw a brick through the window and rescued the young damsel. She was a beautiful woman with an incredible story. She said she was a kidnap victim from the year 1777! But was she simply insane, or was she truly the victim of an amazing time-spanning scheme. Then, from somewhere out of Time came a swarm of Robots that inflicted on New York City the awful vengeance of a diabolical cripple named Tugh. It was clear that an insidious plot was afoot that reached into the present day, as well as the unknown cities of the far-off future. THE EXILE OF TIME is a tremendous tale of scientific wonders and nail-biting excitement, written by one of the true masters of 20th Century science fiction, Ray Cummings.