Singin’ the Blues – by B.B. King (Blood Red Vinyl)


Blood Red Vinyl

Side one
No. Title Notes Length
1. “Please Love Me” 2:47
2. “You Upset Me Baby” 3:00
3. Every Day I Have the Blues Recorded by Memphis Slim a.k.a. Peter Chatman in 1949[8] 2:46
4. “Bad Luck” Derived from “Bad Luck Blues” by Ivory Joe Hunter in 1946[8] 2:51
5. 3 O’Clock Blues Recorded by Lowell Fulson in 1948[9] 2:59
6. “Blind Love” Derived from “Standing at My Window” by Arthur Crudup (1942)[10] 2:54
Side two
No. Title Notes Length
1. “Woke Up This Morning” 2:55
2. “You Know I Love You” 3:03
3. Sweet Little Angel Recorded by Lucille Bogan in 1930 and Tampa Red in 1934 as “Black Angel Blues”[8] 2:58
4. “Ten Long Years” 2:46
5. “Did You Ever Love a Woman” Recorded by Gatemouth Moore in 1945[8] 2:31
6. “Crying Won’t Help You” Recorded by Tampa Red in 1946[8] 2:56

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From WikiPedia:

Singin’ the Blues is the first LP album by American bluesman B.B. King, released in 1957 by the Bihari brothers on their Crown budget label.[1] It is a compilation album whose songs were issued between 1951 and 1956 on singles by RPM Records and most had reached the Top 10 on Billboard’s Race/R&B singles charts.[2] King continued to perform and record several of the songs throughout his career, such as “Every Day I Have the Blues”, “Woke Up This Morning”, and “Sweet Little Angel”.[3]