Soul Music – Terry Pratchett


DISCWORLD IS ABOUT TO ROCK…Deputising for DEATH was never going to be easy, not least when he has gone walkabout in search of the Meaning of Life – without even leaving a forwarding address. But for his granddaughter, Susan, it becomes even more difficult when she breaks one of the cardinal rules of the family business – don’t get involved!All around the Disc, crowds are shouting out for Buddy Celyn and The Band With Rocks In. They are in the grip of a new and dangerous music and Buddy is under its thumb. It’s alive, it changes people – and it won’t fade away.Grain by grain, Buddy’s time is running out and Susan has to save him – it’s not going to be easy when she looks more like the Tooth Fairy than the Grim Reaper…Soul The Illustrated Screenplay is the perfect accompaniment to the acclaimed Channel Four / Cosgrove Hall series of Terry Pratchett’s bestselling novel and what’s more it’s got lots of pictures in (154 to be precise).

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