Stay Out of Space! & Rebels of the Red Planet – Dwight V. Swain & Charles L. Fontenay


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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels. The first novel “Stay Out of Space” is written by well-known sci-fi author, Dwight V. Swain. John Goss had been trying to get accepted for the new deep space expedition for quite some time. It was his dream—hell, it was the dream of the whole human race to someday visit the stars. However, all previously scheduled missions had been postponed—the Huu giving any and all sorts of reasons. For John Goss, though, this expedition was to be different, he was certain of that. But the Huu had different ideas. They secretly wanted to prevent space travel—period. To the Huu, Goss’ kind spelled potential disaster, because they knew that going into space would provide their mortal enemies, the Shan, with a break in the Earth’s force field. The Shan had been waiting a long time for that, and if they were successful, they planned to wipe out every living creature on the planet. The second novel “Rebels of the Red Planet” was penned by sci-fi veteran Charles L. Fontenay. Dark Kensington had been dead for twenty-five years. It was a fact; everyone knew it. Then suddenly he reappeared, youthful, brilliant, ready to take over the Phoenix, the rebel group that worked to overthrow the tyranny that gripped the settlers on Mars. The Phoenix had been destroyed not once, not twice, but three times! But this time the resurrected Dark had new plans, plans that involved dangerous experiments in mutation and psionics. And now the rebels realized they were in a dangerous situation fraught with double jeopardy. Not only from the government’s desperate hatred of their entire movement, but also from the growing possibility that a new, terrible breed of mutated creatures would soon get out of control and bring forth terrors, the likes of which, had never been known to man.