The Fascinating Engineering Book for Kids: 500 Dynamic Facts! (Fascinating Facts) – Dr. Jacie Maslyk


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From acoustics to holograms―explore awesome engineering facts for kids ages 8 to 12

Did you know that computer chips can be thousands of times smaller than a grain of sand? Or that whale fins inspired the wind turbine? The Fascinating Engineering Book for Kids is packed with 500 incredible facts about every branch of engineering with full-color pictures to match! Kids (and adults) will learn about some of the most famous and influential engineers in history, and explore how engineers helped build so many of the amazing things in our world, from underwater machines to spaceships and satellites!

Dig into the best in kids’ engineering books with fascinating trivia like:

  • The Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus is an amphitheater in Greece built in the fourth century. It was designed so well that it is still used today!
  • GloFish are genetically engineered to enhance their luminescence―a glow that can be seen under ultraviolet lights.
  • Robotic engineers can work in animatronics where they design and build robots for entertainment, like the ones you see in theme parks.

Inspire curiosity and a lifelong love of science with this mind-boggling book of engineering for kids.