The Flying Eyes & Some Fabulous Yonder – J. Hunter Holly & Philip Jose Farmer


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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels. The first novel, J. Hunter Holly’s “The Flying Eyes” is one of the schlockiest, most over-the-top science fiction novels ever written. Yet for all its absurdities, it reads like a fun night at a drive-in movie theater—you just can’t put it down. Alien terror filled the skies! Huge flying eyes appeared out of nowhere, hypnotizing thousands of helpless people and turning them into mindless zombie slaves! What did they want from Earth? The answer was simple…pure atomic destruction! Only a bitter research scientist and his pal had a ghost of a chance of coming up with a way to save Earth. If this sounds like a juicy grade B science fiction film, believe us…it reads like one, too. “The Flying Eyes” is not a sci-fi tale you will soon forget—sit back and enjoy the ride! The second novel is a taut outer space thriller by sci-fi veteran, Philip Jose Farmer. “Some Fabulous Yonder” is about a pursuit across the galaxy. Heinrich Nge was an interplanetary hoodlum of the worst kind, and when he commandeered one of the Federation’s own destroyer-class spaceships, he suddenly shot to the top spot on the Galaxy’s list of most wanted criminals. Raspold, one of the Federation’s top agents, was given the grim job of finding and apprehending Heinrich Nge. Little did he know that his chase would lead him to a mysterious planet at the edge of the Galaxy—a planet from which no one had ever returned with their sanity intact. Raspold would soon discover that this taboo world was home to a deathless alien entity—something so powerful that all humanity would tremble before its might…