The Phantom of the Opera (Special Illustrated & Movie Memorabilia Edition) – Gaston LeRoux


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This may well be the ultimate edition of that classic horror tale, “The Phantom of the Opera” by Gaston Leroux. Here you’ll meet mad Erik, the “ghost” of the Paris Opera House. Within these pages are the accounts of his maniacal exploits and his mad obsession for the beautiful young opera singer, Christine Daae. But far more than that, it is a story of unrequited love, madness, and murder. It was also the basis for one of the most beloved horror films of all time, Universal Studio’s silent classic, “The Phantom of the Opera,” made all the way back in 1925. In this special illustrated edition you get not only the famed novel by Gaston Leroux, but also the original interior illustrations by Andre Castaigne, as well as an image gallery containing reproductions of many of the memorable movie posters from the various filmed versions of this blood-curdling classic.