Hocus-Pocus Universe & Queen of the Panther World – Jack Williamson & Berkeley Livingston


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Armchair Fiction presents extra large editions of classic science fiction double novels. This edition features two great tales. The first novel is by an author from the upper echelon of the science fiction literary field, Jack Williamson. “Hocus-Pocus Universe” is about the day that science took a back seat to nature. Charlie Guilborn was a bright young science teacher at a local high school. He knew that two-plus-two equaled four and that the world was guided by basic mathematical and scientific laws. Knowing all this helped Charley and millions of others sleep at night. Then into the world of facts and figures, of scientists and soldiers, came lonely Eon Hunter. Eon the misfit, whose stubborn refusal to accept the world as it was almost led him down a path to oblivion. Eon the enigmatic, who always returned to involve himself in Guilborn’s life. What startling new seed of truth was incubating in the mind of this young genius, or perhaps we should say “wizard?” The second novel is a wild sci-fi-fantasy thriller, “Queen of the Panther World” by Berkeley Livingston. It was a strange world, this world of Amazons and panthers, where all men bowed their heads in fear of the great Queen Luria. But the strength of the Queen and her panther hordes was not equal to the cunning of Loko and his lizard men?unless Luria could capture the enchanted Groana bird?