The Lani People – J. F. Bone


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Armchair fiction presents extra large paperback editions of the best in classic science fiction novels. Heralded science fiction author J. F. Bone’s “The Lani People” is considered by many to be his very best novel. It was not an unusual practice to export the Lani to nearly every planet all throughout the galaxy. After all, who wanted to be bothered by a single woman when you could get a whole harem of Lani so inexpensively? And the Lani were exactly like human women with one “minor addition,” their tails. They also seemed to be happiest and most productive when in their natural naked state. They were all extensively trained to make the men they serviced feel like gods. You would specify pedigree—say Silver Dawn out of White Magic for a platinum-blonde model, or you could take your pick from the adoring herd. It was all so simple…or was it? “The Lani People” is the startling novel of a planet that applied new scientific knowledge to techniques of breeding…and came up with a system that revolutionized society.