In the Days of the Comet – H. G. Wells


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Armchair fiction presents extra large paperback editions of the best in classic science fiction novels. “In the Days of the Comet” is one of many all-time classics from the pen of H. G. Wells. “And then it struck… I picture to myself this thing happening in space, a planetary moment, the faint smudge, the slender whirl of meteor drawing nearer to this planet… And as that midge from the void touches it, the transparent gaseous outer shell clouds in an instant green and then slowly clears again… Thereafter for three hours or more—we know the minimum time for the Change was almost exactly three hours because all the clocks and watches kept going—everywhere, no man nor beast nor bird not any living thing that breathes the air stirred at all but lay still…” H. G. Wells was one of the greatest writers of the fantastic who ever lived. Join him for one of his very best science fiction novels—a futuristic tale of Earth in the ultimate state of cataclysm.