A Dame Called Murder – Milton Ozaki


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Armchair fiction presents extra large paperback editions of the best in classic Mystery-Crime novels. Here’s another murder mystery, “A Dame Called Murder,” is by veteran whodunit author, Milton Ozaki. There was some kind of new racket in town, and private detective Max Keene decided it was in his own best interest to find out who the big boss was. Not that he didn’t care about breaking the back of an organized theft ring, but when one of the ring’s gorgeous young female operatives wound up dead in a sexually charged homicide and Max got fingered, it gave him an added “incentive” to bring the killer to justice. However, standing in the way was a seemingly endless maze of mis-turns and half-clues, all interwoven with a long parade of low-life characters. What Max Keene hadn’t expected, though, was to be smitten by the charms of two young showgirls—a calypso-dancing redhead and a cute blonde with a snake for a dancing partner. The big question was, could he keep them alive long enough to find out what they knew…