The Greatest Adventure – John Taine


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Armchair fiction presents extra large paperback editions of the best in classic science fiction novels. If lost worlds filled with prehistoric monsters appeal to your adventurous side, then you won’t want to miss “The Greatest Adventure” by heralded sci-fi author John Taine. They ripped the veil off the past. Dr. Eric Lane’s party of five crept across the frozen Antarctic seeking the discovery of the ages. For this explorer-archeologist was following the startling account of a sea captain who had fished a lifeless organism from distant Antarctic waters—a devilish monstrosity that was entirely unknown to the science of modern man. But upon close scientific examination, Dr. Lane discovered this new species wasn’t something from Mother Nature. Its makeup and composition had all the earmarks of some kind of wild genetic engineering, which left Lane to beg the question: Had there once been intelligences on Earth so much higher than our own that they could create new life forms? But even with all his excitement, Dr. Lane was only expecting to find fossils, and perhaps even some ruins. He did not suspect—until too late—that he was opening a Pandora’s box of living horrors.